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Ready to acquire some Data Science skills?

Welcome to the Summer Coding Camp and Data Science Bootcamp 2017 edition at DigitYser, our new location in Brussels!

The invitation is open to both jobseekers and currently employed people wanting to acquire the basis for becoming data scientists. Organisations can boost their digital transformation either by recruiting trainees and young graduates or by transforming their BI teams.

The 2 pillars

Our Top 2017 Summer Coding Camp participants

Below is an introduction to our top Summer Coding Camp participants. 

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My aim to be  work with mathematics is my trigger for shifting into Data Science and AI.

MSc in Mathematics

Dynamic and curious bioengineer with analytical mind looking for challenging opportunities to fulfill my love of data.

MSc in Bioengineering

A mathematician looking forward to problem solving in a practical manner, towards a sensible goal.

MSc in Mathematics

Always eager to take up new challenges and to work on projects in ambitious, result-driven teams.

MSc in Business Engineering

My aspiration is to specialize in Statistics and Analytics.

MSc in Economic Sciences

A tech enthusiast and maker in action.

MSc in Software Engineering

Gifted with problem solving skills and rational thinking power. Having an open minded-set, a commitment to continuous learning and teamship.

BSc in Financial Mathematics

Dynamic, lively, and passionate about research and computers! Eager to deliver solutions.

PhD in Computational Chemistry

Keen on neural networks and bayesian networks.

BSc in Psychology and Philosophy

Adaptable team worker with great service-minded attitude. Critical thinking abilities, grit and business acumen by the bucket.

MSc in Political Science
Curious mind motivated in applying Data Science to bring innovation.
MSc in Biomedical Engineering

Regulation & policy expert looking for experimental projects rich in strong emotion in the field of Data Science.

MSc in Social Sciences

Self-learner, curious, and very motivated to explore the exciting world of Data Science.

MSc in Mathematical Engineering and Signal Processing

The knowledge gained so far has improve my skills on working in a team, with the aim to join exciting projects.

MSc in Bioinformatics

Autonomous and assertive, with a high interest on Data Science topics.

BSc in Information Management

A motivated and curious new Data Scientist ready to explore the field!

PhD Candidate, Economics

I have a passion about programming, new technologies and aim to join Data Science Projects.

MSc in Bioinformatics

Enthusiastic innovator keen to apply data science for energy and utilities industries.

PhD in Electrical Engineering

I offer effective as well as efficient effort towards attainment of organizational goals with exploring wide scope of knowledge and intelligence.

MSc in Mathematics

Management consultant turned data scientist with a passion for translating management challenges into analytical
use cases and data-driven answers.

MSc in Business Engineering

An adaptable and inquisitive engineer seeking to further knowledge in the world of Big Data.

Wa Wee
BSc in Civil Engineering

Self-motivated, critical thinker, team player and always eager to learn new skills.

PhD in Photonics

Data Science Bootcamp 2017 modules

This is the schedule of our Data Science Bootcamp, where field experts will present Data Science business cases on Monday and Tuesday from October 2nd. until December 19th. To review the details of each session and book your seat, click here.