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We are so excited to invite you to join our Summer Coding Camp and Data Science Bootcamp 2017 edition in Brussels, at DigitYser, our new location! 

The invitation is open to both jobseekers and currently employed people wanting to acquire the basis for becoming data scientists. Organisations can boost their digital transformation either by recruiting trainees and young graduates or by transforming their existing BI teams.

There are 2 pillars:

The Summer Coding Camp (7 weeks long) where you can learn and earn a certification on these 6 modules: SASMicrosoft AzureSQL, Python, R, and Statistics. The format is distance learning (coached MOOC’s), allowing the flexibility to combine the training with a full time job. Students and jobseekers can enjoy of our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for the Summer Coding Camp (click here to read more about it). 

Detail of the 6 modules (2 weeks of SAS = 1 module)


The Data Science Bootcamp (12 weeks long), running from October 2nd until December 20th. Business cases will be delivered every Monday and Tuesday by Data Science experts. The format is face-to-face and the pre-requisites are mastering the Summer Coding Camp topics and passing a selection process. Ten jobseekers with a high performance during the Summer Coding Camp will be selected and sponsored by the Di-Academy.

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Fill in our survey and join our informative sessions on July 3rd., 2017 and July 17th., 2017.

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Meet the 2016 Data Science bootcampers:

I’m an experienced project manager and I recently obtained a master in Artificial Intelligence at the KULeuven so I would like to start a career in data science now

Hired by Teradata

As a young bioscience engineer, I am dedicated to use datascience for the greater good. My main interest lies in human (or global) health and I am convinced that together with the right company we can make an impact towards a better future.

I have strong analytical and programming skills rooted in my educational background in Physics and Statistics. I am very passionate about analyzing and visualizing data and currently looking for a data science position to put my skills into practice.

Hired by Carrefour

I graduated from Yale University with a bachelor’s in philosophy. I’m learning data science to use data for good, in education or elsewhere.

I have a Master in Statistics from KULeuven and I’m looking for a job as a data scientist in a marketing department.

Intern at Forespell
I’m a passionate Python developer and hands-on Machine Learning Analyst. I believe data science has the potential of changing the way we approach business and make decisions so I would like to be part of this revolution.
Intern at

I’m graduating from the University of Antwerp as a business engineer and I’m looking for a job as a data scientist in the financial sector.


I’m an industrial engineer with experience in telecommunication and transport services and I would like to become a data scientist for a consultancy company.

Hired by Keyrus

I have worked as an online marketer and I have experience with web developping so a job as a data scientist seems like the perfect next step to me.


I am graduated from the European Communication School and I’m passionate by digital Marketing. I want to become a data scientist as this is the secret weapon of every marketing team.


As a Master in Statistics from KU Leuven, I now feel prepared to enter the job market and put my skills to use tackling real data science problems faced by many organizations today. Interested in using data to demystify the world.


Graduated in Innovation & Strategy from Solvay, the Data Science Bootcamp will provide me the ability to transform data into insights and to turn this into the development of products and services that meet customer needs.