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Five Days R Kickstart Training

20/03/2017 - 29/03/2017
Vorstlaan 23
Brussels, 1170 Belgium
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Five Days R Kickstart training

  • 20/03
  • 21/03
  • 27/03
  • 28/03
  • 29/03

Vorstlaan 23 Brussels, 1170 Belgium


This training aims at providing strong bases for any data scientist who wants to enter the R world but has no or not enough experience with this language.

Within 5 days and a lots of hands-on, a detailed overview is provided starting from importing data to analyze and prepare a report.

Program will be adapted depending on progression during training. Content that will be adressed:

  • RStudio interfacce
  • Basic commands
  • R objects: vector, matrix, factor, list, dataframe
  • Basic functions
  • Summarizing data
  • Package: install, load and use
  • Import/export data
  • Create graphics (focus on ggplot)
  • Programmation (basic, including S3 classes)
  • Statistics: regression, analysis of variance and hypothesis tests, special topics
  • Markdown litterate programming
  • Pointers towards additional ressources

Hands-on contain:

  • Case on linear model
  • Case on logistic regression
  • Case on Mixed Model
  • Implementation of a target profiling routine (Word report generation)
  • One-day real case study (marketing or industry related)


  • no prior knowledge of a programming language is required.
  • this is not a training in statistics and we focus on the R functions to perform such analyses. Training can be followed by people without any statistical experience but some parts may be more difficult to follow.
  • student must come with a laptop on which R + RStudio can be installed (if you don’t have such laptop, please tell us, we will find a solution)

About the trainer

Eric Lecoutre is a data scientist with more than 15 years of experience in R. In fact, 15 years ago, he was teaching R at university (UCL). He contributed to some packages, created R2HTML years ago and is contributes on StackOverflow for R topics.  He can’t count anymore the number of Gigabytes he manipulated in R as well as the number of graphics he created.


  • 1.750 euros / participant
  • Early registration (before 24/02/2017): 1.500 euros
  • More than one participant for same company: contact us for discounts
  • Student or unemployed: 1.000 euros
Venue Name: Di Hub
Address: Vorstlaan 23
Brussels, 1170 Belgium
Organizer Name: di-Academy