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Process Mining

28/11/2016 @ 09:00 - 29/11/2016 @ 15:00
23 Boulevard du Souverain
Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussel 1170 Belgium
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This is one of the bootcamp sessions that has been opened up for a broader audience.


Process Mining is a relatively recent research area which has been gaining rapid traction in the enterprise, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional data mining techniques (supervised and unsupervised learning) and process-based approaches (simulation, business process management). Contrary to traditional machine learning, which commonly starts from flat, tabular data sources, process mining deals with data describing a flow or sequences of activities or events.

Examples of applications include:

– Discovering where customers cancel their order as they browse your website
– Understand the browsing behavior of costumers before booking
– Analyzing the care flow of patients in a hospital as they move from department to department
– Improving the bottlenecks in a helpdesk
– Tracking the flow of work through your team’s social network
– Verify whether organizational compliance rules are adhered to in a credit assessment process

In short: process mining is all about events and flows. This workshop will guide you through ​the key fundamentals of process mining: participants will learn the difference between process discovery, conformance checking and enhancement, and will learn through hands-on exercises how to get started right away using real-life event data. Moreover, a number of real-life case studies will be presented to give you a head start towards applying process mining in your own application domain.

What you will learn

  • What is BPM, data mining, and how is process mining positioned between them
  • The difference between process mining and traditional business process intelligence
  • What is an event log, how should it look like, what should it contain
  • How to work with the XES file format
  • What is process discovery, what are the most common algorithms and how do they work
  • What is conformance checking, what is meant by replaying an event log or log alignments
  • How can process mining be used to make recommendations
  • How to predict the remaining running time of a process or the best next action
  • How to work with tools such as ProM and Disco
Mathieu Carette

Mathieu Carette

Mathieu Carette is a co-founder at Rockestate. He is a a Data Scientist, mathematician, and open-source zealot.
Kasper Van Lombeek
Kasper Van Lombeek is a co-founder at Rockestate, where he uses curated open geo data lake to predict mortgage prices for banks, premium risks for insurers and energy consumptions for utilities. He is a a Data scientist, statistician, technologist, and energy engineer. An enthusiastic and creative thinker that loves to build solutions. 
Start: 28/11/2016 @ 09:00
End: 29/11/2016 @ 15:00
Event CategoryBootcamp
Venue Name: European Data Innovation Hub
Address: 23 Boulevard du Souverain
Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussel 1170 Belgium
Organizer Name: di-Academy