Data Scientist Track

Summer coding camp

The Summer coding camp is a coached e-learning. It means the material is online but we help you by providing a relevant path for your  career, coaching session (Q&A), and a physical space to study and meet each other. It helps you to keep a steady motivation and learning rate.

We fullfill all the causes that make you giving up when studying alone.

Scripting Languages


It includes:
pandas, matplotlib, keras, scikit-learn, scipy.

It includes: ggplot2, dplyr, caret.

Machine Learning

  - Supervised learning -

  • SVM
  • Decision tree
  • Naive bayes
  • Random forest
  • Logistic regression
  • Linear regression
  • Neural networks

  - Unsupervised learning -

  • Hierarchical clustering
  • k-means
  • kNN

About the selection process

To access to second part, there are two choices:

  • You work for a company. The fee is supported by your employer.
  • You are a jobseeker. We support your subscrition in exchange of exclusivity for all data science jobs for 6 months (from October to December).
    In this case, there is a selection process based on the result of the summer coding camp to insure motivation and skills level.

Bootcamp Sessions

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