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  • Database tiny Group learning Experiment September 21, 2018
    Task 4: Let’s create a few more nodes: programming languages you knowMERGE (python:Language{LanguageName:"Python"}) MERGE (excel:Language{LanguageName:"Excell"}) MERGE (_____:Language{LanguageName:"_______"})" domain knowledge you haveMERGE (linux:Domain{DomainKnowledge:"GNU/Linux"}) MERGE (it:Domain{DomainKnowledge:"IT Infrastructure"}) MERGE (_____:Domain{DomainKnowledge:"_______"})" Domain knowledge is understanding, ability and information that applies to a specific topic, profession or activity. The term is commonly used to describe the knowledge of experts in […]
  • Statistics in R != statistics in python September 18, 2018
    The skill track “Intro to Statistics with R” offers a different and more sophisticated content about statistics than the python track. I recommend it.
    Irene del Carmen
  • SAS Base - Resources and questions September 14, 2018
    Here is the official list for SAS exam on 17th September. I sent the mail to all the 16 attendees. Have a very nice weekend and good luck!
  • Agenda 5th to 7th week - From 10 to 28 September September 13, 2018
    Here is the copy of the mail I sent some days ago to the bootcampers – Hello dear Bootcampers! I hope you forward well in your track with DataCamp and SAS. For me, I’m also doing my best to provide you the best experience, for SummerCamp and following DataScience Bootcamp (October>December)! I wish you are […]
  • Intro homework 'Are we in danger?' September 3, 2018
    @beire_2018 basically the shape of the histogram tells you about the density function. Other variables matter, e.g. if one observation is independent of the other.
    Irene del Carmen
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